Building front design

A building front design. 1939. Invented by Isaac S. Brockstein.

Bubble building

An effervescent design for a building. 1940. Invented by Mihran H. Kurkjian.

Blast resistant building

A blast resistant building design with a retractable door canopy (4). 1955. Invented by Phillip Graham.

Beverage tree

A design for a dispensing stand that we have tried many times, unsuccessfully, to plant in our back yard. 1929. Invented by Thomas T. Mabbitt.

Beverage service counter

An ornamental design for a service counter. In the center sits a scale model that looks like the U.S. Capitol. 1939. Invented by LeRay Fowler.

Beach building with observation deck

A nautical-themed building that resembles the Beach Patrol Headquarters on South Beach, Florida. 1947. Invented by George Lancia.

Barbecue stand

Barbecue stand. Oink. 1933. Invented by W. H. Alston.

Airplane amusement structure

A design for an "amusement structure." 1930. Invented by Alexander Forbes.

Service station

A piano shaped design for a gas station with what appears to be a tiny bay. 1941. Invented by Ralph N. Aldrich and Alfred H. Jaehne.

Shell fuel

Here is a more traditional and wonderfully symmetrical design for a Shell Oil Company service station. Designer Herbert O. Alden is also responsible for the Gerry Building in Los Angeles. 1933. Invented by Herbert O. Alden.

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