Ohio Oil gas station

An example of architectural detail that went into gas stations in the 30s. This design was done for Ohio Oil Co. 1932. Invented by W. D. Cyphers.

Art deco island

Stepped circular platforms are the perfect place to display motor oil at this service station island. 1938. Invented by Alven V. Crouch.

Corn stand

A combined food and beverage vending station. 1953. Invented by Louis A. Zon.

Booth for selling corn

An ornamental design for a corn cob vending booth. 1936. Invented by John M. Miller.

Corn cob diner

Roadside Lunchroom. The corn cob diner. 1947. Invented by George Dilts.

Ellis Importing Company

A store-front building design for Ellis Importing Company of Philadelphia. 1930. Invented by John Ellis.

Coffee shop

Coffee shop. Enter through the handle. 1947. Invented by George B. Brown.

Club house

A design for the front of a club house or similar building. Note the rabbit in a jacket peeking in the second story window. 1934. Invented by Nellie Renee Liddle.

Store front with clock

An art deco facade with time and temperature. 1940. Invented by Kenneth E. Bemis.

Come and get it

A log cabin with a chuck wagon for a front door. 1936. Invented by Robert E. Pellow.

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