There can be no doubt this structure houses a refrigerator. 1928. Invented by Clem F. Wade.

Teepee ice cream

A teepee design for a roadside ice cream shop. 1929. Invented by George H. Natzel and Frank E. Jackson.

Ice cream stand

A pie-shaped ice cream stand. 1946. Invented by Herbert W. Sachs.

Ice cream stand

An ice cream refreshment stand. 1929. Invented by Clarence W. Peterson.

Hot dog stand

This sandwich stand could only be used for selling one thing. 1955. Invented by Warren A. Johnson and Ulman B. Peterson.

Hot dog vendor

A design for a very large vending stand. 1929. Invented by Anthony Soucie.

Frankfurter stand

"The rear half of the body of the building is in the form of a half cylinder with a substantially smooth surface and with rounded ends that unite with the correspondingly round ends of the front half of the body of the building, thereby imparting to the entire building structure the general shape of a frankfurter or wienerwurst." 1932. Invented by Rex La Payne and Clifton F. Blake.

Harley diner

A streamlined design for a roadside diner. 1938. Invented by Bertron G. Harley.

Roadside diner with furniture

This design for a roadside diner is unique in showing the interior layout. Another Bertron G. Harley diner design can be seen here. Classic roadside diners were pre-fabricated and shipped to the restaurant site with furniture already installed. 1938. Invented by Bertron G. Harley.

Gourd building

We imagine constructing this building in 1931 would have been fairly difficult. 1931. Invented by Ernest Johnson.

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