Electrically operated locomotive

"The railroad condition in the United States at the present time is practically steam operation, interrupted by a few isolated zones of electric traction in and near cities . . . or in long tunnels . . . or on exceptionally heavy grades ... " This design if for a locomotive that can run on its own power plant or on current generated by an outside power station. This would allow the locomotive to easily move over electrified and non-electrified tracks. 1927. Invented by Howard L. Ingersoll.

Heat exchange apparatus

An invention for a heat exchange apparatus for use with motor vehicles. The invention is especially applicable to locomotives. The inventor, Anthony Larrecq, graduated from Caltech in 1929 with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Larrecq went on to found Power Generators, Inc. in Trenton, New Jersey. 1940. Invented by Anthony J. Larrecq.

Haman railway car

A train design for a conventional railway car body with portions broken away to reveal the cocktail dining room. Read more about Haman Train car and buy print.

Electric Locomotive

A generating electric locomotive with a coal fired gas turbine. 1950. Invented by John I. Yellott.

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Turbine Locomotive

". . . An object of this invention is to provide a locomotive with an improved construction adapted to yield a machine having a high over-all efficiency; and which, in order to facilitate manufacture, maintenance and repairing, employs the unit principle of construction." 1930. Invented by William W. Fraser.

Double Deck Pullman Railway Car

A double deck railway car design for the Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company. Figure 9 shows the stairs between the two levels. 1951. Invented by Robert A. Meldrum, James E. Candlin, Jr. and Ralph W. Haman.

Domed Pullman-Standard Car

A railway car design for Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company with a domed portion extending nearly the full length of the car. 1954. Invented by Stanley W. Kay.

Dean Railway Car

This is a design for short haul, commuter-line passenger car. 1951.

Invented by Walter B. Dean

Walker Bullet Locomotive

This drawing shows an early design for a bullet train by Detroit stylist George Walker, who went on to head the design team at Ford. Here is a Walker design for a fuel service station. 1945.

Invented by George W. Walker

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Articulated Rail Car

A design for an articulated railroad car and engine. 1936.

Invented by Everett Eugene Adams, Martin P. Blomberg, William H. Mussey, William B. Stout

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