Airplane hanger

A new and ornamental design for an airplane hangar. The year this patent was issued Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. 1928. Invented by Theodor Ahlborn.

Portable gasoline filling station

A design for a "portable gasoline filling station booth." 1930. Invented by Charles D. Vary.

Airplane gas station

An ornamental airplane design for a filling station. Here is a photo of a similar station. 1931. Invented by John L. Smith.

Airplane building

A unique aeronautical design for a building. 1931. Invented by Edward A. Hermsen.

Transfer car

A transfer car design for the Irwin Foundry and Mine Car Company. 1951. Invented by Earl W. Sensenich.

Steam motive power

"It is an object of the invention to provide a novel motive power unit ... that is self-propelled and complete itself, and is comparatively simple in its construction and arrangement." 1946. Invented by Charles J. Surdy.

Self-righting signal torch

A railroad signal torch that automatically assumes an upright position after it is lit and thrown out of a train. 1891. Invented by Percival W. Shepard.

Train signaling device

A useful improvement in train signaling devices with receptacles for fuses, flares, torpedoes and matches. 1921. Invented by Z. E. Morton.

Ragsdale rail vehicle

A combined design for an engine and railway cars. 1936.
Invented by Earl J. W. Ragsdale.

Ragsdale rail car

A rail car for a commuter line. 1933. Invented by Earl J. W. Ragsdale.

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