Goddess of Speed

The Packard Goddess of Speed. 1939. Invented by John D. Wilson.

Vehicle body

"Be it known that I, Giuseppe Russo, a subject of the King of Italy (having declared his intentions of becoming a citizen of the United States), and a resident of the city of New York . . . have invented a new, original and ornamental Design for a Vehicle Body." 1938. Invented by Giuseppe Russo.

Van body

A body design for a windowless van. 1936. Invented by Robert M. Ferguson Jr.

Truck body

An ornamental design for a truck body. 1935. Invented by Jean Baptiste Baillargeon.


'Tis the season to adorn your carriage with holiday kitsch. A Christmas tree hood ornament. 1928. Invented by Jessie C. Tyndall.

Tire tread

An ornamental design for a tire tread. 1951. Invented by Samuel Charles Parker.


Trailer. In 1934 car camping is growing in popularity. 1934. Invented by Fred E. Kaunitz and Lester R. Kaunitz.

Tractor hood

A combined tractor radiator cover and hood. 1951. Invented by Walter L. Brockway.


A tire design for the B.F. Goodrich Company. 1938. Invented by George W. Walker.

Tire design

Tire. A graceful tread design. 1938. Invented by Harold V. James.

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