Helicopter toy

A design for a toy single-seat helicopter. Austrian inventor Bruno Nagler also had plans for a full, working version of this design. 1954. Invented by Bruno Nagler.

Toy helicopter

A second design for a toy helicopter. 1950. Invented by Wiley K. Crowder.

Toy helicopter

A design for a toy helicopter. 1950. Invented by Wiley K. Crowder.

Radiator heat driven moving toy

Va va voom! A radiator heat driven moving toy. 1931. Invented by Aurelio Cesario.

Pulling hand top

Described as a "pulling hand top" this is a yo-yo with an animal casing. When the "said casing is of the frog shape, it is proposed to eccentrically connect the said member for causing leaping of the frog during operation." 1930. Invented by Codie D. Bell.

Johnny Hazard flying toy airplane

A design for a flying toy airplane inspired by the Johnny Hazard comic series of the 1950s. 1953. Invented by Curtis A. Anderson.

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Splinter raft

A "float boat for children." Children can be safely strapped in and towed by a line attached to the bow. 1952. Invented by Sam Sonin.

Flame plaque

This flame is packed and ready to go in a plaque design for Jiffy Jet of Minneapolis. 1948. Invented by Donald R. Young.

Flag toy

A toy design for a retractable flag. "It is an additional object of this invention to provide a head on the inner rod which will rotate therewith when the flag is being actuated." 1920. Invented by Jerry Stanke.

Fireman straw

Children can drink their juice through this firefighter's hose. 1953. Invented by Milton Dinhofer.

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