Eye mounting for dolls

Eye mounting for dolls. 1927. Invented by Leo J. Grubman.

Toy walking elephant

A design for a toy walking elephant for Louis Marx & Company, Inc. of New York, N.Y. 1953. Invented by Laurie J. Campbell.

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Duck trundle toy

A trundle toy design for Fisher-Price. 1952. Invented by Ralph W. Crawford.

A mouth full

"The prime object of our present invention centers about the provision of an improved equipment associated with the mouth opening of dolls' heads embodying a movable tongue member which may be combined with a tooth member suspended for a vibratory movement at the said mouth opening and vibratingly operative at the mouth opening upon a slight movement imparted to the head when in erect or vertical position to simulate movements of the tongue resulting in creating the impression or effect of animated or mobile mouth organs." Whew!

Dirigible toy

Dirigible toy construction. 1930. Invented by Herman L. Knaeft.

Detonating toy

Detonating toy. What ever happened to the neighbor's cat? 1923. Invented by Harry W. Hill.

Cowboy drinking straw

Lasso that milk with this cowboy drinking straw. Your beverage of choice can be drawn through a straw that attaches to the gun. 1953. Invented by Milton Dinhofer.

Happy clown doll

An ornamental design for a clown doll assigned to the Jump-Jump Franchise Corp. 1950. Invented by Mary McConnell Hickox and Harry M. Hickox.

Pecking chicken

Cap shooting ray gun

A toy cap pistol made to look like a ray gun. This design was for the J. & E. Stevens Sales Company. 1953. Invented by Frederick J. Maywald.

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