Parachute. Fun with gravity. 1920. Invented by J. W. Taylor.

Keymonica musical instrument

A "Keymonica" musical instrument for the Wm. Kratt Co. 1953. Invented by William Kratt and Emil J. Ens.

Moving duck

Moving figure toy. A twisting, waddling duck. 1931. Invented by Donald H. MacBride.

Monorail toy design

Let your imagination ride aboard a brand new concept in transportation. A design for a toy monorail. 1953. Invented by Lester Cohen and Willard H. Reineking.

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Lollypop balloon

This toy consists of a tube with a balloon on one end and a confection on the other end. The tube is constructed to give a sound, somewhat like a flute, when the child places the end with the confection in his mouth and blows through to inflate the balloon, or when the balloon is deflated. 1924. Invented by Stanley C. Bias.

Mechanical kicking mule

A mechanical kicking mule. Air slowly returning to the bellows (20) will, after about 30 seconds, strike the end of the hook lever (16) causing the mule to kick. 1924. Invented by Paul Lipman.

Junior Raindrop doll

Meet Junior Raindrop, a hoodlum water drop who joins a gang in the hilarious 1948 animated Forest Service film The Adventures of Junior Raindrop. This patent design is for a Junior doll and was illustrated by Rudolph Wendelin, who is most famous for his drawings of Smokey the Bear. Be sure to watch the film and find out what happens to outlaw Junior.

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Bike instrument panel

A toy instrument panel for bicycle handle bars. 1954. Invented by Leroy Coates.

Horse skates

A nice roller skate design for the junior jockey. 1953. Invented by Belle A. Kandarian.

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A bucktoothed child's riding toy. On a stick. 1953. Invented by Milburn R. Hutchison.

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